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Ensorcia Metals Corporation is a private corporation formed to acquire, to license and to develop the most advanced proprietary technologies and facilities available in the metals industry today. Today, portions of the metals industry are experiencing unprecedented global growth and demand due to new and exciting applications such as electrification and storage. Ensorcia is at the center of this growth leveraging new faster, better, and economical technologies to extract and upgrade the valuable commodities necessary to fuel the largest industrial revolution in modern times. Working in partnership with some of the most recognized scientists and companies in the world, Ensorcia is altering the dynamics of the supply chain – accelerating commercialization of mining projects and providing end user customers with access to a steady supply of high quality product.

Ensorcia works with governments, private companies and mineral owners alike to extract and process the raw materials and produce the highest quality finished products in the fastest, most economic, safe and environmentally responsible manner possible today.  

Our primary focus since 2016 has been surrounding Lithium and the production of high purity battery grade lithium carbonate and hydroxide. We expect phase 1 of commercial production to begin by the 4th quarter of 2019.

In addition to lithium, EMC is evaluating new technologies for the production of cobalt.

The future of energy is electric and the future is here.